Creating a Form Chatbot

When using forms to create a database, you can establish a versatile system by defining different fields, meeting various needs, including customer relationship management (CRM), and automated product management.

Create Calendar

We created event names, start times, and end times.

Create Fields

Once created, you can test it first.

Test Insert Calendar

Go back to the form Q&A in the domain, click on the trigger, and add a trigger by selecting the calendar.

Click Trigger

Add Trigger

Customize the addition of the calendar, return Success when the end time is reached, and customize the trigger process. Since this addition does not require a Q&A, connect start and end directly. Then switch to the background process. Add Google Calendar and configure it as follows. After saving, make sure to activate the calendar trigger and check if the form calendar is enabled. Once confirmed, you can proceed to the testing phase.

Define Trigger

Trigger Process

Background Process

After testing, you can let the chatbot process execute this step.

Test Complete