omni-channel Communication

Centralized Message Aggregation

No need to switch between multiple platforms anymore. integrates online chat, Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and other multi-channel messages for you. Our all-in-one solution seamlessly connects your sales, marketing, and service, providing an outstanding customer experience. Wherever your customers are, we can help you respond quickly and maintain consistent communication standards. Try now and experience efficient and convenient multichannel communication.

  1. Provides multi-channel integration, including Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and other products will be integrated after official launch.
  2. The web page provides sharing links and QR codes, allowing you to share content on various websites.

Web Mode

Floating Window

Usually floats in the lower right corner of the webpage. Colors, floating distance, and button icons can be customized. See for reference.

Our JavaScript SDK allows you to design your own buttons, button colors, dialogue monitoring, and closing dialogues.

If you’ve already purchased another brand’s customer service chatbot, you can also monitor user conversations to close and open other brand’s floating buttons (requires restart for other brands, some can only be loaded when the webpage opens, not every product’s js SDK provides so many functions). If you encounter problems with starting other brand’s chatbots (currently only tried and crisp), you can ask DMflow customer service.


Full-page Window

Directly placed on the webpage. See 拓远资讯有限公司 for reference. This website only puts the chatbot on Google sites because it doesn’t require SEO.


Share the website. This link will integrate forms in the future, allowing you to design forums or simple one-page websites for customers to use. Share Page